Facebook update brings Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr content to home screen

Facebook Home Updated to support Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest

Facebook has updated its application for Android OS, the latest update brings content from other social network sites as well along with Facebook Photos. Facebook introduced Home screen earlier this year and later announced a beta program for users for testing new features before they are pushed to everyone. The list of networks included in this update include Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr.

Facebook says that only beta program users will get the feature, but I am seeing the feature on my S4, I didn’t remember signing up for this. Anyway all you have to do is sign-in to each network from the lock screen, once done it will pull images and content from all these networks and will display it on your home screen. If you are using Home them this is straight forward otherwise go to Facebook app side panel and see the Home lock screen option to set.

You can turn off individual networks from the Home screen settings if you don’t feel like using. The setting can be found in the connected apps link in Home Settings.

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