HP may launch smartphones with large screen by the end of 2013

HP to enter smartphone market with two phablets

HP might launch two smartphones by the end of this year. According to a report on The Information HP is entering the consumer mobile handset business again and will two large screen phablets by the end of this year. The devices in question are mid-range phablets with siz-inch and seven-inch screens with a target price of $200 and $250. HP is looking at the emerging markets like India, China and Philippines with that kind of pricing.

HP is looking at the alternatives for the shrinking desktop and laptop business, obviously the smartphone and tablet market is booming and HP is keen to enter the market. Infact earlier HP plans at a smartphone failed in the from of iPaq and Palm devices. HP acquired Palm few years back.

Earlier there were rumors that HP is entering the smartphone market, this is the latest report that says HP is re-entering the smartphone market. We are at the end of the year and hardly one week if left, if the report is true we will know soon what HP is planning for us and the smartphones aimed at emerging markets. HP has launched a Android tablet earlier this year and is working on a range of Android and Windows tablets.

Via, Image Credit: Don DeBold

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