New Nokia Normandy leak shows the phone in multiple colors

Nokia Normandy Leaked again in multiple colors

Nokia Normandy is leaked again in picture, the latest leaks shows the phone in multiple colors. The latest leak also comes from @evleaks, the prolific twitter leaker. Nokia Normandy according to previous reports is an Android smartphone to replace Asha phones from Nokia.

Nokia is reportedly working on Nokia Normandy with a customized version of Android, like the Amazon Kindle Fire devices version. Nokia is not using stock Android from Google, but customized to meet it needs, as it looks at the low-end smartphone market. There were also reports that Nokia has scrapped this project as Nokia devices business is sold to Microsoft.

But the new leak brings back hopes that the device may not be scrapped and Nokia might be actively working on it. We don’t know the present status of the project so all fingers crossed.

The design of the phone gives it Asha phone impression, with Lumia like design, and Asha phone type back button. The latest leak shows that Nokia Normandy comes in Green, White, Yellow, Cyan, Red and Black colors.


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